Top 10 DSLR Cameras in India

Looking for a camera, the only option which strikes in mind is a DSLR. DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera that combines the optics and mechanism of a single lens camera with a digital imaging sensor. For a photographer; professional or amateur the first and last choice for camera ends at DSLR. Photos captured from the DSLR are a treat for the photographers, so for quality pictures they rely on DSLRs. In India there are many options available in the market. Whether it is an entry segment or a pro range camera, various models offers different features and specifications. It is really a brainstorming job to pick your cam’ from the best of the available options. Let us help you out with the list of top 10 DSLR options available in India.

Compare it, pick it, click it and capture your DSLR.



Rated as the Best DSLR of current time, Nikon D5 is a photographer’s dream. It is a sharp and stable device for capturing motion pictures. With its 153 focus points it features an incomparable autofocus system. It is also a master of shooting in low light. Nikon D5 stands no. 1 in our list of top 10 DSLR cameras in India.



Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a member of Canon’s 5D series, it is a genuine all-rounder. It is sheer value for money with an improved version of previous Mark cam’. This 4th gen model comes with a 30.4 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor. It has portrayed 4K movie shooting like never before. Mark IV also offers touch screen functionality, superior focus and faster shooting.



Canon’s 1D X Mark II is as efficient as its nearest competitor the first ranker Nikon D5. It is a flagship DSLR raising the bar in photography. 1-D X Mark II is equipped with 20.2 MP full frame sensor. It also enables high-speed live view shooting of up to 16fps. In addition, it has a shutter durability of 40,00,000 cycles and a body that remains dust and drip-proof. A fast and precise focus with the Dual Pixel CMOS AF, helps to take some of the mesmerizing moment on the camera.



Great handling and superior image quality with 36.3 megapixels, D810 is a great choice as a DSLR. It is a primary choice for the professional photographers. D810 raise its standards by delivering excellent video and image quality with good features. It also comes with a full frame sensor and a superb low light performance for professional-level photography.




Interestingly Nikon D500 has conquered the camera world by becoming the first choice for both professional and amateur photographers. It is one of the finest models by Nikon. D500 is known for a camera which can shoot at a rapid 10fps with the best autofocus system. This is also the Nikon’s fastest DX camera ever. It is equipped with a 20.9 megapixel CMOS sensor.



Mark II is an attempt by Canon to pull amateur photographers looking for a camera to shoot like a professional. Alloy body gives Mark II a tough edge along with weather sealed controls. Overall it is Canon’s most feature packed crop sensor camera, with some limitations. It comes with a superb 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor.



D7200 was Nikon’s leader in DX format camera until D500 is introduced. Still D7200 is a standard option in entry level DSLRs. Its excellent colour reproduction and dynamic range with APS-C body makes it a preference for photographers. It is enabled with 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 image-processing engine.




Nikon D5500 is can be named as the entry level DSLR for both the professionals and amateur photographers. Built in intelligent eye sensor and a versatile touch screen is the new add-on in Nikon D5500. It is a 24.2 MP image sensor with powerful EXPEED 4 image-processing engine.



Known for its weather sealing Pentax K-70 is a solid DSLR. It might not have huge names like Nikon or Canon, still its body image stabilization and impressive low light performance are truly of finest quality. It also have full-frame sensor with a heavy camera body. K-70 is a 36 MP camera with a continuous shooting speed of 4.4 frames per second. You can also record your video moments with 1080p.



If you are not a professional photographer, then Alpha a68 form Sony should be your pick. It’s convenient and easy usage makes it under top 10 DSLR’s list. A low-budget DSLR with a lightning fast focus and excellent performance in low-light with good colours makes Sony Alpha a68 a surprise element. It also includes world’s highest number of phase detection AF points (79) to cover a wide AF area. Build in with 24.2 MP APS-C sensors, can neck to neck stand against the giants Canon and Nikon.

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