Top 13 Famous Celebrities Who Died At 27


Especially if you are 26, this is going to be a bit depressing. When you got to know how many famous celebrities have died at the young age, the cliche of number 13 from your mind is going to be broken down. The 27 Club is a listing of popular artists, actors, musicians or celebrities who died at 27 and left millions of mourning fans. These celebrities died as a consequence of alcohol and drug abuse, or violent means such as suicide, homicide, or transportation-related accidents.

We have the list of thirteen celebrities who died at 27 but wait after the 13th one because that is not all. Obviously.

13 Kurt Cobain


Like many singers and rappers, one of Kurt’s songs laid down his death-wish. People and his fans were not blindfolded towards the chances of him committing a suicide after his song “I Hate Myself and Want to Die”. According to psychologists, “once you have said it, you can do it”. Kurt Cobain gave significant submissions to the music industry like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. He found solace in playing music, writing, and recording. Cobain was very close to his daughter Frances Bean Cobain and his wife Courtney Love. Still, this was not enough to keep stable. He was trying to quit his heroin habit and once he got out of rehab, Kurt flew to Seattle and committed suicide by turning the gun on himself. This incident happened on April 5, 1994.

12 James Laurence


James Laurence was a producer grew up in Danville and attended Monte Vista High School according to his Facebook page. He was known as one-half of the duo Friendzone. Based in East Bay, California, Friendzone was an American instrumental hip hop duo. It consisted of producers Dylan Reznick and James Laurence. James and his partner in production, Dylan are credited with innovating a dreamy, hazy hip-hop music that came to be known as “cloud rap.” In recent time the duo produced records for A$AP Rocky, Yung Lean, and Main Attrakionz among others. On 30 January 2017, James Laurence was recent to enter the list of celebrities who died at 27 from undisclosed circumstances. At the time of his death, he was living in Concord.

11 Pete Ham


Peter William Ham was a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Wales. He was renowned as the lead composer/vocalist of the rock band Badfinger. The rock band’s hit songs include “Day After Day”, “Baby Blue” and “No Matter What”. Pete also co-wrote the song “Without You”, a Number One hit worldwide for Harry Nilsson. In 1973, he was granted two Ivor Novello Awards related to the song. Pete became depressed while embroiled in issues related to the band, such as manager and label problems as well as the lack of funds and committed suicide in 1975.

10 Mia Zapata


Mia Katherine Zapata was the lead singer for the band The Gits from Seattle, Washington. Members of the band included singer Mia Zapata, bassist Matt Dresdner, guitarist Joe Spleen, and drummer Steve Moriarty. After gaining huge appreciation in the nascent grunge rock scene, Mia while on her way home from a music venue, was murdered in 1993. The case went unsolved for a long time before her murderer, Jesus Mezquia, was sentenced to 37 years in prison.

09 Anton Yelchin


The star from Star Trek series, Anton Yelchin is one of the most recent amongst celebrities who died at 27. He got out of his Jeep Cherokee in the driveway on June 19, 2016. The Jeep then rolled back and pressed him against a security fence and a brick pillar. Anton was dead by the time his friends found him. The car crushed his lungs and he was dead due to traumatic asphyxia (suffocation). After few weeks Star Trek Beyond was released worldwide and dedicated to the memory of Anton Yelchin.

08 Brian Jones


Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones was an English musician, the original leader and the founder of the Rolling Stones. As his band started moving towards the pop genre, Jones got frustrated. He began alcohol and drug abuse that led to mood swings. He was eventually dismissed from the Rolling Stones. Brian was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool on July 3, 1969. The coroner judged it as a “case of death by misadventure”.

07 Jonathan Brandis


Starting his career in 1982 as a child actor, Jonathon moved on to acting in commercials and successively won film and television roles. He became widely known at the age of 14 for his leading role in the supernatural horror miniseries IT of Stephen King in 1990. Then, he landed the role of Lucas Wolenczak in seaQuest DSV at the age of 17. The character was famous among female viewers, Jonathon regularly appeared in magazines. On November 12, 2003, Brandis became the part of the celebrities who died at 27 listing, after hanging himself.

06 Kristen Pfaff

celebrities who died at 27

Kristen Pfaff was an American musician, popular as the bassist from 1993 to 1994 for alternative rock band Hole. Before Hole, Kristen was backing vocalist and the bassist for Janitor Joe Minneapolis-based band. While she was recording for Hole’s Live Through This she developed a drug habit. Kristen was found dead in her house due to a heroin overdose on June 16, 1994.

05 Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix is the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music. Jimi was quite disturbed during the last days of his life. Billy Cox his bassist had just ditched him, he was struggling with a recording contract issue and was facing a paternity suit. Subsequently, he was planning to leave his manager and on top of all this Jimi Hendrix was struggling with bad health due to insomnia and anxiety. He took nine Vesparax, his sleeping pills which left him so disabled that he inhaled his own vomit and died on September 19, 1970.

04 Amy Winehouse


After her 2006 Black to Black, Amy Winehouse was the talk of the UK. Amy was an international sensation popular for both her looks and her talent in singing. with her hit “Rehab”, she broke into the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. Winehouse had an awesome voice but her habit to overuse alcohol was what finally led to her demise. Ironically it’s the part of her name- wine. On 23, July 2011, she died and the coroner’s investigation revealed that the level of alcohol in her blood was 5 times more than the permitted level for drivers in the United Kingdom. She was one of the most beautiful celebrities who died at 27.

03 Janis Joplin


Janis Joplin had gained her position amongst the rock stars because of being capable to belt out hit numbers just like any man. This wasn’t the only thing similar to a man though, it was also the drugging and the drinking where lay the real issue. Her heroin intake level and alcohol habits were quite bad. Janis Joplin died on 4, October 1970 died due to overdose.

02 Jim Morrison


Jim Morrison, a star whose legacy can be seen so long after his death. It is like Jim never left. He was found dead in his home in Paris in the bathtub on July 3, 1971. Although the reason mentioned was heart failure. Jim belonged to a group that was one of the most popular ones. In the biopic, The Doors, 1991 his excesses were richly portrayed. The lead singer of the rock band had already been gone for a decade when Jim died.

01 Jean Michel


Jean Michel Basquiat was an American artist. In the 1980s his works played their magic on Andy Warhol and both associated creatively along with being friends. Jean is one of the most majestic celebrities who died at 27. He also dated Madonna for a while that shows the impression of his artistry. Jean was also in the popular video for Blondie’s Rapture which is a huge credit in itself. There was a downside to Jean’s life which was his addiction to heroin. In February 1987, when his friend Andy Warhol died, Basquiat plunged into drugs and depression. Due to an overdose, Jean died on August 12, 1988.

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