Top 13 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Lives With Plastic Surgery


Beauty enhancement has now become the basic need of every individual. For the same, many have shake-hands with the Plastic Surgery. Various Hollywood Celebrities have also played games with the knife to increase their beautiful features but Ruined Their Lives with bad Plastic Surgery. From the nose to lips and even cheeks, breast and hips celebrities have stretched their miles to become more appealing and beautiful. Some of the big names like Donatella Versace, Pamela Anderson, and others have miserably failed, this turned into really bad plastic surgery results. Check out the Hollywood Celebrities list that went for Botox and ended on the wrong end. Also check before and after plastic surgery pictures of these celebrities, who in-search of beauty made the worst decision of their life.



You never know when your liking turns out to become an obsession. Pete Burns admits that he has undergone over 300 procedures on his face. It led to a big cosmetic catastrophe of his life. Furthermore, it also added to his health trouble; blood clots and continuous pain in heart, lungs, and legs was felt by him. Later he died in 2016 due to cardiac arrest.



Khloe Kardashian has witnessed a dramatic change in her looks. Change in lips and a nose job has transformed Khloe’s looks completely. Although, Khloe denies of taking a nose job but her face says it all. The lips are now ready for a much bigger pout since early days. But the earlier Khloe which we always knew remains missing. It was a bad move for getting bad plastic surgery if already you were made perfect.



19 years old Kylie Jenner is an American model and actress. She is into the glam world of the age of 10. It is assumed that Kylie has gone through various cosmetic procedures, but she admits only of temporary lip fillers. Rumors also shed some blood on her taking Botox and breast implants.

At present, she owns a clothing brand and also a line of cosmetic products. And she is also recognized as the most influential teens of 2014.



Tara Reid is famously known for playing Vicky in American Pie Series and Big Brother has gone under a plastic surgery. She is one of those few celebrities that admit of getting plastic surgery. Botox, breast implants and liposuction is done by Tara and her plastic surgery gone wrong terribly.

Tara Reid is soon to be seen in a Bollywood movie Tie The Knot. She also has various other Hollywood projects and TV series in her pocket.


Another celebrity who has turned her face into a shop of wax, Donatella Versace, the fashion designer has done blunder with her face. She is been trying to add beauty to her face since late 90’s. In the process she has altered her face like anything; cheeks, lips, forehead are undergone for fillers many a time. Her skin appears like a paper and her lips too have fake looks. For Donatella Versace jumping into the Plastic world was a cosmetic catastrophe which brought her to the list of celebrities who ruined their lives with plastic surgery.

At present, she works as Vice-President at Versace with owning 20% shares.



Amanda Lepore, not only had a sex change operation but she had gone under plastic transformation many times. From breast augmentation surgery and buttock implant, she had made much effort to change her body posture. Her transformation also included lip injections, fillers, a nose job, Botox, hairline lowered and a forehead lift. Unfortunately, her plastic surgery gone wrong.



Jocelyn Wildenstein has gone through plastic surgery for more than a dozen times. A facelift, lip injections, chin augmentation, cheek implants, eyelid surgery and other surgery to get a cat-like appearance. In her attempt of getting a perfect picture she has spent an estimated £5 million on over hundreds of procedures still it turned out to be a cosmetic catastrophe. At last, Jocelyn has made a real mess of her face.



Shauna sand, American Model, and Actress have also gone under many plastic surgeries. She has undergone breast implant, cheek implants, lip injections and Rhinoplasty. This implant has destroyed her beauty in a disastrous way and lined her up in the list of celebrities who ruined their lives with plastic surgery. This cosmetic catastrophe has also cost her status in the entertainment industry and it is a solid example of plastic surgery gone wrong.



The KILL BILL girl is also a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong. This cosmetic catastrophe has discomforted her and she remains out of the spotlight. Rumors say Daryl has fillers done on her cheeks and lips. Apart from this, she might also have a bit of work on the nose. Overall her face has turned a bit round in shape which confirms that Kill Bill girl has introduced plastic to her face. She is the another major entry in the list of celebrities who ruined their lives with plastic surgery.



Janice Dickinson is another name in the list that has ruined a lot due to plastic surgery gone wrong. One of the first supermodels in the history, Janice has done a facelift.



Terminator girl, Nikki Cox has taken lip augmentation, breast implants and Botox for increase beauty features. But it ended in a bad decision; Nikki’s downfall is due to her decision of plastic surgery gone wrong. She not only suffered damage but her appearance too was miserably changed due to surgical treatment. Her lips became bigger and fleshy which resulted in a change in the entire face.



Celebrities who ruined their lives with plastic surgery has some big names on their chart. Plastics have such impact that one of the most familiar faces too goes unrecognizable. Serleena from Men In Black, is hardly identifiable, courtesy the cosmetic treatment. She might have taken Botox, a nose job, lip augmentation and a facelift, together she is out of the stardom.



Academy, Primetime Emmy, BAFTA, Golden Globe and many other award winners, a sweet little girl from America Nicole Kidman, admitted that she has not done plastic surgery but surely have tried Botox. She is yet another example of celebrities who ruined their lives with plastic surgery.

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