13 Most Deadly Foods That Can Kill You


Ok, we know that consuming certain foods that contain harmful chemicals and toxins can lead to various chronic diseases as well as cancer. This diseases could kill you over time, but you might be unaware that you eat some very common daily foods that can kill you in a matter of minutes.

Yes, it’s true! We don’t usually bother about this, or even aware of these foods because we eat small amounts, but you must know what is these foods are and how much you should consume to be safe. These world’s deadliest foods contain poisonous and harmful acids.

Without any further delay, we are providing you the top 13 foods that can kill you very, very quickly.

13 Rhubarb Leaves


To bake up all kinds of delicious sweets we might use rhubarb leaves, but these leaves are poisonous and can cause kidney failure, breathing trouble, seizures, and death in some cases.

12 Tomatoes

tomato foods that can kill you

The red, juicy fruit contains glycoalkaloid, a poison in its leaves. This poison is known for causing severe cramping, upset stomachs, and anxiety. So before consuming you should clear the leaves and stems.

11 Mushrooms


Not each and every mushroom is created equal. You might make perfect pasta toppers with Cremini mushrooms, but some species of mushrooms contain poisons that can kill you.

10 Shellfish


A shellfish can cause a severe allergic reaction and can lead to hamper breathing and even be life-threatening.

09 Cherries


The seeds of plums, apricots, and peaches along with cherries contain compounds that turn into cyanide by our body. Cherries are most dangerous amongst them because those other fruits have far larger seeds, making it harder to accidentally swallow.

08 Potatoes


Potatoes have poisonous sprouts, stems, and leaves. Although, potato poisoning is very rare. Most of the potato-related deaths come when someone has drunk potato leaf tea or eaten green potatoes. According to scientists, if a 100-pound person eats 16 ounces of a sprouted potato he might get ill, which is approximately equal to one baked potato.

07 Peanuts


The most common allergies is to peanuts. Anaphylaxis is the most severe response, which can lead to severe shrink of the airways, shock, and unconsciousness. If left untreated, it is dangerous enough to cause death.

06 Castor Oil

castor oil foods that can kill you in minutes

The castor oil is made from the castor bean plant. The castor bean plant is loaded with the poison ricin. The next time you use castor oil, make sure the beans from which your castor oil was made must fulfill all safety guidelines.

05 Puffer Fish / Fugu


The Puffer Fish is one of the most dangerous foods that can kill you in minutes. Certain organs and the skin of puffer fish contain an extremely poisonous toxin which paralyzes a human in just a mere of seconds and even cause death.

04 Live Octopus


If you eat live octopus must be very careful and must remember all the instructions. If you don’t chew thoroughly, the suction cups of the tentacles can get stuck in your throat. And that does not sound pleasant as due to throat choking you can die on the spot.

03 Almonds


Almond is actually a seed not a nut and may have several health benefits but almonds are also full of poison. In their raw form, bitter almonds are full of cyanide. Almonds need to go through roasting or a specialized heat treatment in order to remove the toxins.

02 Uncooked Eggs and Raw Meat


Uncooked eggs and raw meat including poultry, seafood, and red meat can contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause gastroenteritis to anybody. Salmonella poisoning can cause bacteremia (when salmonella bacteria enters the bloodstream) and leads to serious complications, that is life-threatening to individuals with weaker immune systems. Therefore you must give a flame to your meat to avoid any such risks.

01 Ackee


The fruit Ackee is native to Jamaica and is the beloved national fruit of Jamaica. Furthermore, it is one of the most dangerous foods that can kill you if not prepared properly. Ackee is pear-shaped fruit and it needs to ripen fully, as it contains poisonous toxins that can cause death. Timing is the most important thing while preparing Ackee.

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