Top 13 Most Powerful Militaries In The World


There are 100s of countries in the world with millions of people. Every nation runs by certain rules and regulations. It is very much necessary for every country and its government to maintain law and order in their governing areas. There is always an endless race between the nations to hold an upper hand. Every country wishes to get stronger in terms of power and economy. With every positive step, there are chances that some evil powers might stand to pull your legs. To overcome these problems every country produces a powerhouse known as Military. Today it has become mandatory for every country to possess the strongest of the military to face any problem or situation. The list below highlights powerful militaries. The facts and figures will surely amaze you.



Our list of most powerful militaries starts with Australia – A continent, a country. It is a giant island surrounded by Indian and Pacific Ocean. It has a population of approximately 24,599,900 peoples. To serve this population and protect the country from bad powers Australia has set up a strong military. It stands on the 13th position on the list with around 60,000 active members and reserve personnel of around 44,240 people. The Aussies fleet of military consists of 417 Aircraft, 59 Tanks and Naval strength of 52.



Officially known as The Republic of Indonesia, it is a southwest Asian country situated between Indian and Pacific Ocean. Indonesian population is about 264 million peoples. A group of 17,000 islands makes Indonesia World’s Largest Island Country. To serve and keep safe such sized country, a huge military is required. Indonesian military consists of 476,000 active frontline personnel and 400,000 reserved personnel. It also has a good score of 420 Aircraft with 468 tanks and 171 ships.



Israel is highly focused on maximizing the numbers in its military. It has an approximate population of 8,721,120 people. Despite being one of the smallest countries it has handsomely increased its personnel. They currently own 160,000 active personnel and 630,000 reserved ones. It also acquires 691 Aircraft, 4170 Tanks, and 66 Naval machines.



Turkey is a nation with a population of around 79,814,871 people. Its military occupancy is of 410,500 active personnel and 185,630 reserved personnel. It also has a fleet of 1,007 aircraft, 3,778 Tanks, and 115 Ships. Turkey is on number 8 in the list of most powerful militaries around the world.



Japan is situated in the Pacific Ocean it is a sovereign island nation in East Asia. It may be smaller in size but Japan is World’s third largest economy and it is a superpower and also among one of the few developed countries in the world. It also possesses a huge military with the eighth-largest military budget. Japan has a population of 126,740,000 people and to serve them it holds a military of 250,000 soldiers and 57,900 reserved personnel. It also owns 1,590 Aircraft, 678 Tanks, and 131 Naval Ships.



The Federal Republic of Germany is a country of European Union. Its population is approximately of 82,175,700 people. Germany is one of the most powerful nations in the world. It has 180,000 active soldiers and 145,000 reserved personnel. It also holds 676 Aircraft, 408 Tanks, and 81 Marine machines.



South Korea is an Asian Economic Dragon. It currently has the 10th largest defense budget. It also holds 7th strongest army in the world, the courtesy continuous war against North Korea. Currently, South Korea owns 625,000 active soldiers and 2,900,000 reserved personnel. With 1,451 Aircraft, 2,381 Tanks and 166 Naval vessels it has a giant fleet of military equipment which ranks i number 7 on the list of most powerful militaries.


The France Republic is a European country. It is the sixth-largest economy in the world. France has a population of 66,991,000 people. It has a military of 205,000 soldiers with 195,770 reserved personnel. It also holds 1,282 Aircraft, 423 Tanks, and 113 Ships.



The United Kingdom or Britain is a sovereign country in Western Europe. It has a population of 65,648,000 people. The UK has 150,000 soldiers and 182,000 reservists. In addition, it also has 879 Aircraft, 407 Tanks, and 66 naval vessels.



India is the world’s seventh-largest economy. It is also the home of world’s third largest military. Indian military comprises the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Indian defense budget for the year 2017 was INR 3,59,854 Crore or US $ 53.5 billion. It is the world’s largest arms importer. Indian Army is lead by the supreme commander, The President of India. The population of India is approximately 1,326,572,000 people. It has one of the largest standing army comprising 1,325,000 active soldiers and 2,143,000 reserved personnel. It also has 2,086 Aircraft, 6,464 Tanks, and 202 ships. Recently Indian Army is much more focused to increase its strength to meet the needs on the borders.



The People’s Republic of China is another giant from Asia. Country-first rule and fast-growing economy make China one of the most powerful countries. It is also the world’s most populous country with a population of 1,373,541,278 people. China’s army consists of 2,335,000 active soldiers and 2,300,000 reservists. It also holds 2,942 Aircraft, 9,150 Tanks, and 673 naval machines.



Russian Federation or Russia is the largest country in the world. It is the number two in the world in terms of most powerful militaries in the world. It has a population of 144,463,451 people. Military of Russia consists of 766,055 active personnel and 2,485,000 reserved personnel. It also includes 3,547 Aircraft, 15,398 Tanks, and 352 Ships.



The United States of America is undoubtedly the world leader. It is the world’s strongest economy, it also holds the most powerful military in the world. The United States is also one of the most powerful countries in the world. The USA is one of the highly developed countries it is the ultimate superpower. It has an approximate population of 323,127,513 people. Its military includes a total of 1,400,000 active personnel and 1,100,000 reservists. US also has 13,444 Aircraft, 8,848 Tanks, and 473 Naval machines.

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