Top 13 Terrible Selfies Taken Just Before Act Of God


Taking selfies and photos have taken an important place in our lives and probably most of us can’t go without a selfie-a-day. With the rapid increase in social networking sites, this is now becoming a need to have the highest number of followers by clicking the Yolo selfies. There’s no objection to taking selfies, however, the main problem lies in the quest to achieve this popularity. Guys pull extreme stunts just to click the most awesome selfies. Unfortunately, some of these stunts have ended up in tragic selfies. It doesn’t seem to stop and has become a widely spread disease.

Check out Top 13 Tragic selfies of those numerous selfies which were taken seconds before disaster struck.

13 Guns are not for playing

tragic selfies

In the USA, everyone has a gun in their home and they also like to show it off. As the crazy selfie obsession emerged, the traditional hunting season family photo is replaced by ‘the selfie with a gun’. It is a dangerous act where one has to keep his finger on the trigger in a self-menacing manner. However, a 43-year-old from Washington accidentally pressed the trigger and blew his brains off. His girlfriend was lying right behind him and witnessed the whole horrific spectacle.

12 Final selfie with Mom


Most of the teens avoid their family getting tagged into their social media accounts but this boy did not shy away. This seemingly perfect selfie inside a plane was taken and uploaded just before the take-off. The flight MH17 was traveling towards Kuala Lumpur but the airplane while passing over Eastern Ukraine was shot by a missile and never reached its destination. This picture reminds everybody of that tragedy.

11 Lived together forever

tragic selfies

Cabo da Roca is one of the most romantic places in Europe where the storming waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the continent. It is literally considered a sin visiting it and not taking a selfie. A couple from Poland pushed the envelope and decided to pose on the edge of a hill to make their Facebook friends envy their life. The couple contributed in enriching the list of tragic selfies. The couple fell hundreds of meters in front of their children.

10 Jump cautiously


From the old times of conquistadors, the walls of Machu Picchu had not seen death until a tourist from Germany decided to give them a sight. Oliver Park tried to take a fearless jumping selfie while breaking all the safety instructions. He jumped off the walls but as he landed, his foot slipped on the rocks tumbling him down the vertical slope. The nearby tourists could not provide him any assistance but just could watch Oliver plunging to his death.

09 Heartbroken Selfie


Jojo Tsai was a pretty 20-year-old girl from China. Her story was like a movie. She captured every instance of her heartbroken life on Instagram and she finally took a photo of her about to jump from a building. Several social media reports hinted that split from her boyfriend was the reason behind it. Jojo’s one of the last posts read, “I never thought that you would deceive me, but I still can’t stop loving you. After I’m dead, I will haunt you day and night. I will never be apart from you again.”

08 On the top of a Train


A 21-year-old daredevil from Spain decided to take a photo of himself standing on top of a fast moving train. But things took a deadly turn, as he prepared himself for the photo. The 21-year-old was electrocuted by live wires. In the bid to get an exciting click of himself, “the young man led to untimely death.

07 The last smiling selfie


We are in the selfie mania era where every activity ends up being posted on the social networking sites. On April 26th, 2014 Courtney Stanford, a woman from North Carolina posted that she was feeling happy while driving her car. But she also attempted to post a selfie to give a proof that she was actually happy. While she was proving it, her car deviated across the road’s center and collided with a truck head to head and then smashed into a tree. Courtney died on the spot.

06 Friend’s last selfie


India saw a terrible tragedy at Beas River on 8th June. In the accident, 24 young engineering students along with their tour guides were flown away after an unexpected release of water from Larji dam of the Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. This photo of the happy-looking friends before the tragedy was found later.

05 The Spongebob selfie

tragic selfie

While hanging on his bedroom door knob, Oscar Reyes took the selfie of the decade with a SpongeBob costume. He ended up taking one of the most foolish tragic selfies and fell down head banging on the floor and bled to death.

04 Last selfie underwater


With a photo with walrus, a Chinese man pushed his passion to the extreme and forgot all the safety precautions. While diving underwater he entered an area where a female Walrus weighing around 1.5 tonnes dragged him and drowned him to death. The walrus wanted to play her own games and was not interested in the selfie. The cameras captured all the tragic selfies of the incident and the video was viral on the internet.

03 The Lightning storm selfie


An English adventurer and hiker were very unfortunate while trekking through Brecon Beacons National Park. While taking a selfie in a thunderstorm he and his smartphone got pulverized. His metallic selfie stick had attracted the lightning towards him, severely burning him to death. This tragic incident took place in July 2015.

02 Last ride selfie


One of the most tragic selfies on the list is of Reggaeton star Jadiel which left million of mourning fans. In May 2014, he was out on his motorcycle in Rochester, New York. He stopped to take this selfie for his followers and fans and posted this selfie on Instagram of him on a motorbike with the helmet on. Later, the news was all over of his death in a bike accident.

01 On the edge selfie


A 17-year old Russian girl Xenia Ignatyeva, climbed up a 28 feet bridge to click a selfie that would amaze her fans. She suddenly lost balance and fell down. Unfortunately, she grabbed a live wire and got electrocuted by 1500 volts of current. Finally, her lifeless body hit the concrete 28 feet below.


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