Top 15 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Movies


The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow-raising, heart stopping, elbow dropping and bravo boy, famously known as ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson is one of the most successful WWE superstars. But he has also conquered Hollywood with his amazing movies and superb fan following.

For your surprise, you might soon see ‘The Rock’ moving solid for upcoming US Presidential elections. He is the one person who has ruled every arena which he has entered. Today, let us check out top 15 Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

01 MOANA (2016)

Moana is a genuinely good Disney’s animated movie, It is a beautiful movie with wonderful theme and messages. Dwayne Johnson has given his voice to Maui the lead character of the movie.

Moana is about a daring sea voyage of a teenager Moana. In her voyage, she is assisted by a demigod Maui who navigates her. Many experts and critics rate it as one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies.

02 FAST FIVE (2011)

Fast five the first installment of Fast and Furious series to feature Dwayne Johnson. Clash of two tough guys, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, A whole new rivalry that makes the movie bigger than ever. Shot in the beautiful city of Rio, Fast Five has twisted The Fast and Furious series to an unpredictable new run. This movie remains to be a golden milestone in the rock’s career.

03 FURIOUS 7 (2015)

What else one can pull out of a movie. Furious 7 is the biggest movie of fast and furious series. Post Paul Walker death and legacy of fast and furious series, this installment was highly anticipated by the fans. And the team Furious 7 does not disappoint any, with big action scenes, big star cast and bigger ‘The Rock’ movie nails a high voltage entertainment. Furious 7 also hit the jackpot by becoming the sixth highest-grossing movie of all time with a worldwide gross $1,516,045,911. It is another entry in the list of blockbuster Dwayne Johnson movies.

This was the last screen appearance for Paul Walker.

04 FAST & FURIOUS 6 (2013)

The sixth edition of Fast and Furious series is another action adrenal by Dwayne Johnson and team. With every new installment, the franchise steps up and gets better. The 6th part takes you to London where the love interest of Dom is back again. Losing her memory, she teams up with a group of a mercenary who is creating a national threat.

Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) asks Dom and his team to shake hand with him to fight against those mercenaries.


We have seen Dwayne performing some of the best action scenes, while Gridiron Gang brings out another aspect of a big muscle man.

The story of Gridiron Gang is based on a true event; it is a juvenile detention center. A former football player Sean Porter sees the teenagers at the detention center are indiscipline, with now aim and lacks in unity. To bring a change in their lives, Sean proposes a football team of these teenagers and works to learn them to play. Meanwhile, he also brings the necessary changes required to make those teenagers a man of moral values. It is another beautiful movie from the world of Dwayne Johnson movies.


The latest edition of Fast and Furious series is The Fate of The Furious. With a worldwide gross of $1,238,704,665 it is the 11th highest grossing movie of all time.

When Dom betrays Hobbs and others, the Team has to unite against their ex-leader. Dom joins a terrorist group and becomes a national threat. The story revolves around the team who fights against evil to bring home their leader and the man who brought them together to make a family.

07 THE RUNDOWN (2003)

The Rundown is an adventurous ride of Beck (Dwayne Johnson) who is on an assignment of retrieving Travis (Sean William Scott) to back his home. Travis is there to find an idol Gato del Diablo which has a worth of plenty. Meanwhile, Dwayne has to face a local mine operator  Cornelius Hatcher, who is also after the same idol. It creates mayhem in Amazon jungle as the quest of finding the idol turns into a fight for freedom of local population from the evil Hatcher.

08 PAIN & GAIN (2013)

Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie lead the role in Pain and Gain. A flick based on a real-life story of Daniel Lugo and Paul Doyle who are a successful body builder but without much cash. To overcome this problem along with Adrian Doorbal they partners and decides to earn money by kidnapping and extortion. They plan to kidnap an entrepreneur Victor Kershaw and asks for extortion. They get the money and further they plan about a high life. Soon they discover themselves in a big problem as their planning miserably goes wrong.

This edition from Dwayne Johnson movies is a laughter ride which will keep you glued to your seat.

09 SNITCH (2013)

Snitch is yet another action drama by Dwayne Johnson. It is a story about John Matthews whose son Jason, is under big problem. He has been arrested on the charge of drug trafficking and will be sent to the prison for 10 years. John tries and convinces the authorities to become undercover and help them to arrest main criminals and get his son free.

It is almost the last walk of John as he enters the world of drugs where a single wrong step shall invite his death.

In Snitch, Dwayne Johnson has produced one of his one best performances.


Central Intelligence is another pure entertainer by the Dwayne Johnson. Story of Central Intelligence is about Bob Stone, who became a target of nasty prank and had to leave the school. 20 years later Bob contacts Calvir Joyner on social media who was voted in school as the guy most likely to succeed. After meeting, Bob asks Calvin to help him as he has no place to live. And soon Bob discloses that he works for CIA and he is after a person Black Badger who is trying to sell some information in the wrong hands.


The Mummy Returns is the incarnation of Dwayne Johnson movies, it introduced a wrestler into the glam world of Hollywood, Yes, it gave Dwayne Johnson a start as an actor. He has played the character of Scorpion King who is the king of demonic and undefeatable Army of Anubis.

It is the sequel to The Mummy and story is of Ancient Egypt where Rick and Evelyn O’ Connell is working as an archeologist and discovering new artifacts. Their son has found the bracelet of Anubis which navigates a way towards the Pyramid. Imhotep is back again and kidnaps Alex in-order to find Pyramid and capture the Scorpion King’s army.

It is a movie which is loved by every age people, a complete entertainer.

12 THE GAME PLAN (2007)

Dwayne Johnson as Joe Kingman is a superstar, football player. As superstar has money, women and a healthy career so as Joe Kingman has. One day an 8-year girl with Birth Certificates comes to Joe and tells that she is his daughter. Overnight a bachelor football player is burdened with a responsibility of a father.

This is a flawless picture of the father-daughter relationship. With a proper mixture of comedy, humor, emotions, The Game Plan has everything to amuse you. It is one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

13 FASTER (2010)

Faster is a story about a man who has recently moved out of a prison. He is a revenge and kills several people who betrayed him in past. Meanwhile, another killer is following his every step. The case is handed to a young female detective. Thorough movie is about a chase of life.

14 WALKING TALL (2004)

Sergeant Chris Vaughn (The Rock) of US Army Special Forces, returns back home, after serving the nation for 8 years. Looking for a job in his home town Chris ends its road in an only available workplace, the Wild Cherry Casino, owned by Chris’s high school friend Jay Hamilton. Soon Chris discovers that Casino is cheating their customer by using loaded dice and also finds that drugs are sold at the same place. It forces Chris to make a move and fight against a corrupt police officer and the casino owner.

Overall it is a cool action movie with a solid star power of The Rock.

15 HERCULES (2014)

In present-day Hollywood, no actor other than Dwayne Johnson can do the justice with the role of Hercules. Dwayne Johnson movies are creating a buzz of excitement in fans, the fame of big muscle man is increasing day-by-day.

The story is about Hercules, the Greek demigod. Half man half god, Hercules is said to be the son of god-king, Zeus. After completing his legendary twelve labors and losing his wife and children, he moves to an anonymous world. Hercules and his team of six mercenary fighters help the King of Thrace to fight against an evil Rhesus. After defeating Rhesus, Hercules and his team come to know that Rhesus is not evil instead King is a greedy devil who wishes to rule on entire kingdom.

Recent years have given The Rock unbelievable success. Last year he is also ranked as No.1 in the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Actor In World.

Dwayne Johnson is again ready to rock the world with one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2017, the second edition of Jumanji series.

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